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When Alex von Furstenberg of Arrow Capital Mgmt. met Bob Kahn of WP Stewart & Co.,Ltd.

Alex von Furstenberg, the only son of Prince Egon of Furstenberg and Diane von Furstenberg (yes, of the infamous wrap dress ) made quite a splash on TMZ  and other gossip sites with his antics involving Ali Kay, his 25 year old fiancee and Reggie Miller, the retired NBA basketball player.  But there is more to the Prince, in addition to his playboy ways and celebrity “page six” status he is also the Chief Investment Officer and Co-managing member of Arrow Capital Management, a privately-owned investment company co-founded by his mother and Alex’s (billionaire, rumored to be gay) step-father Barry Diller.
In May 2008 it was announced that Arrow Capital Management agreed to make a strategic investment in W.P. Stewart. It was around that time when Alex would meet Bob Kahn.  Furstenberg must have been brought up to speed about Bob, his fetish obsession and sugar daddy ways could be potentially off-putting to a company that was basically bailing W.P. Stewart & Co. out of really hot water. One day, I’m not entirely sure how it came about, Bob and Alex are chatting when out comes one of (Bob’s) pocket-sized photo albums filled with pictures of sugarbabes. Bob told me later how proud and superior he felt as Prince Alex thumbed through the photos of his girls.
Alex von Furstenberg joined the Board of Directors of W.P. Stewart & Co. in November 2008.

alexandre von furstenberg&ali

alexandre von furstenberg&ali

Furstenberg,Kay&Barry Diller


alex with diane von furstenberg&barry diller

alex with mummy & step daddy Diller

alexandre von furstenberg and a lady friend

alexandre von furstenberg and a lady friend

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