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Robert L. Kahn and his bathtub girls

Bob reclined in bed clad only in ancient boxer shorts and top as one of his sugar babes played the role of sexy bathtub girl. Her attire would be a skimpy bikini and if she didn’t bring one, one would be provided. Unless he was dealing with a newbie all he had to do was relax, answer the phone (which was always ringing off the hook) or simply stare out his window at the Chagalls hanging in the Met lobby or whatever was happening across the street at Lincoln Center. Bathtub babe would be busy drawing the bath, adding the salts, oils and bubbles. All the while prancing around in skimpy bikini for Bob’s admiring eyes and from time to time giving him a caress to tease and prep him for the main event.
After everything was ready it would be time for lift off and the bikini girl would go to Bob’s bedside and scoop him up in her arms and carry him to his carefully prepared bubbles. Bob often used this opportunity to grab the girls nipple with his mouth (inevitably the bikini top would come undone) and lick and suck just like a hungry baby. After helping him into the hot water there would be more play and then bathtub girls job was done until it was time to get out.

Bikini bathtub girls

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