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Helen Kahn & gift tax

Bob Kahn lived the life of bachelor and entertained, wooed and supported as many as 75+ girlies (his word) at one time. However he was technically a married man, legally separated but never divorced. Oh, there would be a little drama and talk of divorce about every two years or so, usually because Helen would take her sweet Palo Alto time signing the gift tax forms as April 15 grew near. Helen Kahn hated Bob’s lifestyle and knew it was her one strength to make Bob squirm. (If on the flip side we were talking about a young girlie, freshly plucked, who possessed powers of physical strength he would be squirming for other reasons…) coming soon: Bob Kahn & FETISHES…

* A word on gift tax: single=12k approx. married= double (24k) to one individual before having to report and pay tax on any amount over that.
As you might know or at least guess not many girls (especially in Manhattan) can get by on even 24,000 a year….it takes (Kahn) creativity, friends, family and cash to make a girlie smile.

Helen Klaben Kahn

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