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Decadence at W.P. Stewart & Co.,Ltd

Blur the line between work at wp stewart and PLEASURE and what do you get? Decadence? Fetishpalooza….. a lifetime obsession of fetishes taking over, getting stronger, more powerful… a group of girlies seizing the opportunity and feeding Bob’s (ready and willing) mind with crazy out of this world stories that he devoured like a mad, strung out drug addict. Bob rewarding the enablers with insane amounts of money. The cash flying  in directions no compass could follow and wp stewart&co sinking like one of Bill Stewart’s (founder of wp stewart & co.,Inc. and part-time resident of the u.s.) multi-million dollar yachts. The firm losing clients, Bob losing clients, no more yearly bonus, cuts here, cuts there, cuts everywhere! Even the girlies, some took a slight 10-15% cut on their monthly “allowance” but a few groups … turned from prey to predator and sunk their teeth deep into Bob’s bank accounts by way of lewd stories and carefully staged introductions to party girls. Work no longer held the same thrill…. The man who didn’t take vacations was now seldom found at the office. Westchester for golf a couple times a week and bimonthly trips to Florida where he had his two fetish queens Mikayla Miles and Amazon Amanda stationed to attend to his needs…

Mikayla Fetish Queen Mikayla Miles Foot Fetish



Amazon Amanda


Big Sarina and Her Little Boy Toy


Bob Kahn of W.P.Stewart & Co.,Ltd Fetish Queen


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