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Bob Kahn’s Fetishes:

  • Physically strong girls
  • Girls who were strong when they were kids
  • Being lifted overhead & played with like a little boy( hand-jobs)
  • Being overpowered & played with like a little boy (see above)
  • Young girls
  • Young girls who matured early (9 or ten years old,or younger)
  • Hairy girls (lots and lots under the arms,between their legs,creeping down the thighs..)
  • Girls who needed money (so he’d have leverage)
  • Watching two strong girls wrestle in bikinis or less
  • Girls with muscles
  • Role playing & role reversal
  • Large hands
  • BIG Feet
  • Stories from girlies (masturbation material)
  • Wearing a wig and calling himself Barbie

A Few of Bob’s Sugar Babies:


Alphie Newman

Alphie Newman


Amazon Amanda

Sarina Besnard AKA Sarina Mennasemay

Sarina Besnard AKA Sarina Mennasemay

Mikayla’s feet


Bob on Bus with Catherine and Bethany

Doughdee Marie

Bob with Kristi

Doughdee lifting overhead

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