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WP Stewart “Pops and Robbers”

Pops and ‘robbers’: Rich kid says dad looted $100M trust fund for yacht, luxe mansions
By Julia Marsh
August 5, 2013 | 4:00am

Photo: Portland Press Herald
The great-grandson of MetLife’s founder says his dad ripped off more than half of his $100 million trust fund — and used it to ensure a life of incredible luxury.
Trust-fund baby William P. Stewart III has gone to Manhattan Surrogate’s Court to demand that dad William P. Stewart Jr. account for the money.
Stewart III claims his…


September 11,2009

I was living in los angeles when I received the following:


Alex Von Furstenberg

Alex on the board of w.p. stewart & co. currently “engaged” to Ali Kay, his baby momma.( Is a Furstenberg one of the instigators of Bob’s demise? Stay tuned…)

Furstenbergs other children with ex-wife Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Princess Talita Natasha (b. 7 May 1999) and Prince Tassilo Egon Maximilian (b. New York, New York County, New York, 26 August 2001)


Death of a NYC Sugar Daddy. How WP Stewart & Co Got Rid of the Company’s Black Sheep.

September 11 2009, I get a phone call from one of the sugar babies.
I am told, Bob is in serious condition, he suffered a stroke… He is in the hospital lying unconscious. Curiously the week before he went to see the doctor for his annual physical and the results from his physician were: You are in perfect health!
Following this event it was not long until his family pulled the plug on him and arranged for a quick funeral. A funeral…


” Render Unto Caesar…” (or in this case Bob)

A partial list of what a Kahn sugarbaby can expect in exchange for her “favors”.
Down payments
Mortgage payments
Credit cards
Horses -somewhere in Los Angeles a girl rides Bob Kahn, the horse
Trips with and w/out Bob
Boats and other water toys
Breast implants
Fake husbands (see below)
Green cards and citizenship
Divorce (lawyer fees)
Kids ( costs involved w/fertility issues)
Use of Bob’s lawyer, Gerard Gjertsen


Wp Stewart’s Bob & sugar baby

Bob Kahn despite his collection of sugar babes was never a ladies man. I think that is a major reason why he became a sugar daddy in the first place, not to mention his freaky proclivities. Bob used money as his lure and the girls were of course the fish. He didn’t start dating until his thirties and even then he hung out mainly with prostitutes and go-go girls. However, he still yearned to be normal and decided to…


Decadence at W.P. Stewart & Co.,Ltd

Blur the line between work at wp stewart and PLEASURE and what do you get? Decadence? Fetishpalooza….. a lifetime obsession of fetishes taking over, getting stronger, more powerful… a group of girlies seizing the opportunity and feeding Bob’s (ready and willing) mind with crazy out of this world stories that he devoured like a mad, strung out drug addict. Bob rewarding the enablers with insane amounts of money. The cash flying  in directions no compass could follow and wp…


When Alex von Furstenberg of Arrow Capital Mgmt. met Bob Kahn of WP Stewart & Co.,Ltd.

Alex von Furstenberg, the only son of Prince Egon of Furstenberg and Diane von Furstenberg (yes, of the infamous wrap dress ) made quite a splash on TMZ  and other gossip sites with his antics involving Ali Kay, his 25 year old fiancee and Reggie Miller, the retired NBA basketball player.  But there is more to the Prince, in addition to his playboy ways and celebrity “page six” status he is also the Chief Investment Officer and Co-managing member…


Robert L. Kahn and his bathtub girls

Bob reclined in bed clad only in ancient boxer shorts and top as one of his sugar babes played the role of sexy bathtub girl. Her attire would be a skimpy bikini and if she didn’t bring one, one would be provided. Unless he was dealing with a newbie all he had to do was relax, answer the phone (which was always ringing off the hook) or simply stare out his window at the Chagalls hanging in the Met…